GT Sport

Gran Turismo Sport es un videojuego de carreras desarrollado por Polyphony Digital y publicado por Sony Interactive Entertainment para la consola de videojuegos PlayStation 4. GT Sport dispone de un acuerdo con la FIA para organizar en conjunto campeonatos oficiales y presenciales.

«The tracks are really close to the real track so the layout and everything is very similar. If you change things on the setup you can feel it in the game, that’s amazing!»

Pascal Wehrlein

«I like the way you can feel the engine power of the new hybrid and stuff like that. The game recreates very close when the wheel spin comes but it doesn’t really engage like in a real car.»

Alex Lynn

«It’s funny for me to play it and pick different points on the track which feel quite familiar. The chance to spin the rear is up if you are too agressive on the throttle.»

Anthony Davidson


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